Project Manager with SAP experience





Convision is looking for a Project Manager for a client who is selling some of it’s businesses The sale is expected to take place in 2019.

In order to prepare for the sale the client wants to isolate the businesses in their own companies. This entails that the financial books and all transactions has to work in seperate setups.

The finance and transactional setup needs to be carved out from existing entities and created as new setups in new entities.

SAP is the client’s main platform and new company codes and related setups needs to be created. Most of the normal modules in SAP is related to this setup (FI/CO, MM, PM, PS, SD, HR)

Transactions or books from existing company codes needs to be transferred to the new entities.

A program is preparing the sale and this finance and transactional setup will be a track in that program.


* Experience with SAP
* Experience with Mergers & Acquisitions
* Expert stakeholder management
* Solid communications skills (to the point)
* Very structured
* Good at getting many different people to deliver
* Good at coping with tight deadlines
* Strong delivery capabilities
* Pragmatic

Jesper Lytton,, +4570220209

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