Exciting Projects for Java Developers in Oslo




We are currently looking for talented Java Developers for several companies and assignments in Oslo, Norway.

Required experience:
• Extensive hands-on development with a wide range of Java technologies (3 years minimum)
• A genuine curiosity and a heart for system development
• In-depth knowledge of object-oriented programming including knowledge of patterns, integration, APIs, refactoring, Clean Code, SOLID
• Experience and opinions about working in flexible development projects with techniques like Continuous Integration, TDD and DevOps
• Being aware of your own technical expertise and interest in sharing knowledge, assisting and collaborating with developers at all levels of experience

Examples of current projects:
• Scalable MicroService architectures based on well-known Java technologies
• Large scale and distributed integration systems with Big Data using technologies such as Apache Camel, Kafka, Hadoop and Elastic Search
• Cloud services based on AWS Lambda and other serverless architectures
• Machine Learning for intelligent travel and route planners
• Mobile applications, including Android and iOS for customers in energy, transportation, resellers and travel
• Functional programming languages like Scala and Clojure for heavy data processing tasks
• Java programming and relevant framework for IoC, ORM, build and deploy

Great opportunities for you:
We provide a relevant and community-driven technology environment centered on learning, sharing and development with close follow-up and frequent feedback.

Everyone in the company shares a common profit and has competitive terms.
You attend conferences, courses, workshops and buy the books you want to read.
Our large network of consultants provides a supportive professional environment to get started with your projects, as well as the ability to develop professionally and personally.

Jesper Lytton, jl@convision.dk, +4570220209

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